About Plant Sentinels

Plant Sentinels

            Our technology enables plants to serve as highly specific detectors using a computer designed input and a simple visual readout. The plants detection system is programmed or encoded in a genetic circuit that can be introduced into virtually any plant species.  The plants report detection of chemical and biological agents with a designated response that includes a simple visual response, a non-visible response, and/or a response custom designed for a specific application.  The system is highly modular allowing the same technology to be applied to wide variety of applications.

            The Plant Sentinel technology uses highly advanced genetic circuits, i.e., a series of genes and regulatory circuits assembled from modular components. Since the components are modular the type of input, how it is transmitted, or the type of response can be altered, individually, or in combination, to address specific missions

            There are many benefits to using plants as signaling devices including one of the main ones – plants are found throughout the world.  Others include: they have their own on-board-energy generating system, the ability to self assemble and self repair, are inexpensive to use and maintain and they can be deployed over large areas.