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About Phytodetectors

The Company

            Phytodetectors, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Dr. June Medford and Timothy Kerbs to pioneer the commercialization of plant synthetic biology.  The company is headquartered in Wellington, Colorado and is an S-Corporation.  We have exclusive world-wide rights to the Plant Sentinel Technology and Desalination/Salt Tolerance Technologies that emerge from Dr. June Medford's Lab at Colorado State University.  In addition, Phytodetectors has begun its own work and IP portifolio.

            Dr. Medford’s laboratory is a world leader in applying the principles of Synthetic Biology to plants, bio-energy, and agriculture.  The proprietary technology relates to many needs in the world.

Working with laboratory plants.
 Assembly of Synthetic Gene Circuits
For additional technical details on the Plant Sentinel Technology please see:

Environmental Detection Coming to a Plant Near YouTM